This site contains most of my paper models that I have started creating since June 2010.

Here, I must give my thanks to Cowboyleland for his brilliant idea on making 2.5d figures that are easy to build and look good from most angles. His method has been applied to make figures such as the wererat, snakeman, ghoul and praying mantis. My thanks also go to many friends I met in Onemonk ( and forum ( for their support and inspiration!

For the time being I can only post the finished products in this blog. In future, I hope that I can include more works in progress and also more essays on how to make these models.

I hope you enjoy this site!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Foldable stairs, doors and dungeon walls

I would like to let you know that a set of dungeon tiles and walls have been released for sale:

The set contains the following features:

1) Generic room tiles and tabs for connecting these tiles.
2) 3d pillars, walls, doors and stair that can be stored flat

Here are some photos:

In addition, I would share for free in the following link a fountain and some new walls that could be used with the above system.  (The fountain can be used in other systems as a standalone structure)


  1. Congratulations on going commercial! I just bought your dungeon. It's very nice. I saw the picture for the release a few days ago. I didn't know you had made it. I didn't even check it out due to the picture of the product. The RPGNow page shows a distorted picture of the front cover. I thought the product was just some tiles. You should post a more informative product image. You should also post the awesome pictures you put up here. Fixing the copy would be good for the product too. I'm guessing that English isn't your native language. How did you get linked to Avalon Games? Will there be a 3D Steel and Glory?

  2. I plan to make the tab more functional by gluing 2 folded pieces to the bottom of it. This will not only hold it down but will secure the tiles with wedges.

    I will also add a base on the walls to keep them from splaying.

    I think I can improve the stability of the top of the column. I won't really know until the weather dries up enough to seal some print outs.

    I designed a folding staircase but did not think about putting a twist in it. Well played.

    1. Haha, you are probably my first customer for the set. Congratulations and thanks!!

      For the tabs, one possible solution you may try is to use two small pieces of cardboard paper and connect them along the centre line with staple. Paste the "H" structure on the bottom of the tab, with the staple along the centre line of the tab. The tab can now act as a "clip" to clip along the tiles.

      Please let me know if your way to stabilize the top of the column is successful..

  3. This stuff is absolutely brilliant! I like the Green Man fountain. And the figures below are amazing and intricate--I like the hydra especially. You've found a niche market: I'm impressed! I'll be following your progress and maybe write something on my blog about your stuff.

  4. I'm sorry I took so long to do a build and redesign. In the last 3 weeks, I've had 1 day off. I made some time for your walls today. I think you'll be as happy as I am with the results. The model looks and feels solid. It still folds flat. Building a dungeon is now quicker and easier. You won't be able to cram as many walls and pillars on 1 page. However, you'd do better to put a couple of the same size walls on separate pages. This is what your competition does. It saves ink, as one can print out just what's needed. Would you like me to post the new design publicly or privately?

    1. That's great! Would you mind sending the new designs privately to me first ( and I will published it in this blog. I have actually a few new walls for sharing and maybe it is a good idea to group them together for people to download.