This site contains most of my paper models that I have started creating since June 2010.

Here, I must give my thanks to Cowboyleland for his brilliant idea on making 2.5d figures that are easy to build and look good from most angles. His method has been applied to make figures such as the wererat, snakeman, ghoul and praying mantis. My thanks also go to many friends I met in Onemonk ( and forum ( for their support and inspiration!

For the time being I can only post the finished products in this blog. In future, I hope that I can include more works in progress and also more essays on how to make these models.

I hope you enjoy this site!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Carrion Crawler, Draconian, Basilisk and a few monsters

The first time to use google drive to share files.  Maybe I should consider re-uploading my previous models to google drive!


  1. muchas gracias por tu aporte las miniaturas son exelentes

  2. will be a great idea to share with drive

  3. It would be great if you upload your full collection with Drive!

    Mainly because a lot of your links are broke now. Thank you for all the effort and work that you put in your models and for sharing them!

    Could it be possible to contact you by e-mail for figures questions?

  4. Wonderful work! I only just discovered this blog, and it's really great! I especially love your dragons. So, here's a challenge... did you even think of making a Tiamat (five-headed dragon goddess) paper miniature?

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  6. thank you, now I can have my own medieval fantasy kingdom